Santa Fe is home to some of the best food in the nation with iconic ingredients such as red and green chile and has become know in the southwest as a foodie’s paradise. Below are some of our personal favorites: 

Market Steer Steakhouse 210 Don Gaspar Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501  (505) 992-6354

Market Steer Steakhouse offers a refreshing new take on fine dining, serving up an atmosphere every bit as charming as Chef Kathleen Crook’s creative approach to Prime Steak and Regional American Cuisine.

Zacatlán Restaurant 317 Aztec Street, Santa fe, New Mexico 87501 (505)780-5174

One of the best steak tacos I’ve ever eaten.  This small independent restaurant is foodies worthy. The chef should be commended for his culinary creativity, execution and presentation. Southwest influence perfectly executed. Everything we ordered from starters, main to dessert were all outstanding. Casual and relaxed; simple but sophisticated setting. Friendly personable service. A real gem.

Palacio Café   209 E Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501   505-820-7888

Best New Mexican food on the Plaza. Try the green chile (and order extra green chiles) chicken enchilada plate or the breakfast burrito, or the BLTA with a bowl of green chile stew. Shoot, try it all. We’ve never had anything but an incredible meal here.

Dinner for Two    106 N. Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, 87501    505-820-2075

This place is underrated which makes no sense because head chef Andy is a kitchen master. Andy, who is a longtime Santa Fe chef, cooking literally EVERYTHING that patrons put away each night. Don’t pay too much attention to some of the negative review that complain of slow service in the dining room…because they are slow sometimes. Solution…go for Happy Hour from 4-6:30! If you’re sans children, sit at the bar, and revel at the fact the dishes you are eating are $4-$6. Must tries include the Grilled Tenderloin Beef Tips, Coconut Shrimp and the Rib Eye sliders. The steaks are perfect and table-made Caesar salad and Bananas Foster are also both outstanding. We’ve tried several pies as well and delicious each time.

Loyal Hound    730 St. Michaels Drive, Santa Fe, 87505    505-471-0440

You won’t see this local’s pub on many recommended Santa Fe eateries. What a shame! Loyal Hound is all about comfort food. And their comfort food is ALL scratch made! I used to only eat deviled eggs when my grandmother made them by the dozens many, many moons ago. The Hound decided to channel Grandma Taylor and throw them on the menu as one of their highlighted appetizers. I’ve had meals here consisting of only, yes, several orders of their deviled eggs. Other must tries are the German style pretzel, spicy green chile mac & cheese, Cubano sandwich, and the fish n chips (if you’re cool with doubling your cholesterol count in one sitting…kidding, kidding!). Finish your gut busting meal with an eclectic homemade dessert, if you have room. Good luck.

Sazon    221 Shelby Street, Santa Fe, 87501    505-983-8604

Not quite sure how to begin my review of Sazon, so here is my attempt. At Sazon, I ate THE BEST pork chop of my life. After the first few bites, I sat pondering ways to make the experience last longer. I even glanced at my wife’s plate hoping I had incorrectly heard her order the shrimp enchilada and would find yet another one-of-a-kind chop. Nope –she ordered the shrimp. Chef Olea has been spoiling Santa Fe residents and visitors since the early 1990’s. His latest venture Sazon is everything you’d expect from a top-notch restaurant and world-class chef:  unique, expensive, exclusive (tough to get a table here many times of the year) and AWESOME. The servers present a number of moles to sample prior to ordering and then inform you on the best dishes that match your favorites moles. Make sure to ask for Chef Olea’s famous soup, and then order one of everything else on the menu! Well not really, but if you do, please invite me. 

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