A soulful luxurious retreat: Harmonized with the land, situated within the 4,700-acre Las Campanas community bordering Santa Fe National Forest and just fifteen minutes from downtown Santa Fe, Villa Del Primrose is steeped with unparalleled artisanal craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

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Perfection by design

Built by the hand of people purposely, with honest ingredients and materials from the earth. The beautiful color and texture of the plaster, every corner, wall and surface created by hand. This is in it’s own way is extraordinary.

About Villa Del Primrose

This 4637 sq ft 3 bedroom plus office and 4.5 bathroom villa is perfect for year round living. Built by the hand of people purposefully, with honest ingredients and materials from the earth. Every corner, every wall, every surface a hand has created it. That is in its own way is extraordinary.

Each room a separate canvas, enamored with details, ambient light and filled with artisanship craftsmanship  while overlooking different orientations of the land and purposefully filled gardens and portals. The way the beans that are expressed, the wood timber, the clay brick floors, the 64 different species of plants curated perfectly. While the sun that sings across the big beautiful Santa Fe sky, these details become the perfection that is so important and magical. The memories created you will hold forever in this treasured home.

Out the front door is the best possible opportunity to experience Santa Fe.  The plaza, museums, history, art galleries, world-renowned cuisine and culture are all within a 15 minute drive.

Exclusive Experience Offerings

Private Chef Experience

Enjoy professionally prepared meals in the comfort of the exquisite kitchen of Villa Del Primrose with private chef recommendations

**Additional fees apply

Luxury Massage Services

Enjoy a private in home massage or Keiki session by our recommended world class masseuse.

**Additional fees apply